Storage Wars Season 4 Episodes – Statistics & Episode List

Storage Wars Season 4 Episodes List

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Season 4 Episode overviews

# in Series # in Season Title Location Original air date U.S. viewers
83 1 “Auctioning for Dummies” Stanton, CA Apr 16, 2013 3.01
Darrell hopes to score another major find as the bidders converge in Stanton, California. Darrell wins himself an $1,800 unit will lots of boxes and also lots of jewerly. Mark’s new custom-made man purse is filled with cash, he buys 3 units for the total cost of $2,200. Nabila’s $675 locker is fit for a dummy, literally. Barry Weiss makes a purchase of a $1,700 unit containing a large amount of car and motorcycle parts, and makes $10,000 off all the parts. Jarrod and Brandi fail to purchase a unit.
84 2 “Breathalyze This” Huntington Beach, CA Apr 16, 2013 3.01
The buyers return to Huntington Beach, California. Barry introduces kitsch king Charles Phoenix, an appraiser, to the joys of an auction. Barry goes crazy and buys 2 lockers for a total expense of $1,225 and doubles his money off both lockers combined. Jarrod travels solo and buys a unit for $1,600 containing household items, and ends up finding a high-end breathalyzer – that he hopes will cover the cost of the unit. Darrell loses his home-field advantage and goes home with nothing.
85 3 “All’s Well That Urns Well” West Covina, CA Apr 23, 2013 2.58
The bidders visit Orange, California for the auction. Brandi and Jarrod hope to be successful and earn a massive profit with their $275 unit. Ivy Calvin buys a unit for $250 and finds collectibles “in the garbage” that turn a reasonable amount of money for him. Barry attempts to revenge the other buyers by helping them spend their money, but fails on $150 locker that he didn’t want to buy which contains lots of old office equipment. Darrell travels home without a unit despite the bad appearance of the units.
86 4 “The PA Stays in the Picture” Rancho Cucamonga, CA Apr 23, 2013 3.02
The bidders barge in to the rich neighborhood of Rancho Cucamonga, California and hope for some bargains. Jarrod and Brandi spend $1,000 on a unit with some furniture and obtain a small set of tools – but will those tools earn them a big profit? Barry arrives late to the festivities, but still manages to purchase a unit for $600 with some old electronics. Mark Balelo buys a unit for $2,700, while being bid up by Jarrod, containing some printing equipment and hopes a large printer will earn him a large profit. Darrell saves his money for the next auction.
87 5 “A Time to Kiln” San Jacinto, CA Apr 29, 2013 2.41
The bidders travel to San Jacinto, California for the first time. Darrell buys a unit for $750 with lots of boxes, and finds a musical device and hopes to hear the sound of money. Jarrod and Brandi buy a unit filled with common household items for $2,400 and turns out to be bad luck. Barry makes a $925 purchase on a unit with lots of molding equipment and a few kilns. After both teams of Barry and the team of Jarrod and Brandi both need to make money for their units that didn’t make them a lot of money, they realize the must team up in order to turn a profit. Nabila Haniss attempts to expand her territory too, but will it work?
88 6 “Like a Kung Pao Cowboy” Monetebello, CA Apr 29, 2013 2.63
The buyers head back to Montebello, California were Darrell hit the jackpot with his art unit he bought earlier. Barry purchases a unit for $2,200 containing the remains of what appears to be a furniture store and actually does well. Mark Balelo buys a unit for $400 containing lots of boxes and finds some body piercing equipment, used to (i.e.) pierce ears, nose, etc. Jarrod and Brandi go crazy and spend a little over $11,450 on 4 different units containing furniture and other miscellaneous items for their new store – they end up making double the money invested in their 4 lockers combined that they purchased. Darrell hopes to buy a unit and make a pile of money, but ends up going home empty handed.
89 7 “Oysters on The Half Plate” Long Beach, CA May 6, 2013 2.35
The bidders look to strike it big in Long Beach, California and have some good luck. Brandi arrives to the auction alone and buys a unit for $1,900, and Jarrod shows up just in time to judge her buy, and hopes to find something profitable. Darrell and Brandon’s $250 gamble could brew up a tidy profit. The Harris Brothers work on their bidding strategy, but get no lockers. Barry hopes to turn a bad $750 locker into big time gold, but will he succeed?
90 8 “The Monster Hash” Costa Mesa, CA May 6, 2013 2.35
New Auctioneers named Earl and Johan Graham visit the auction. Ivy Calvin battles Darrell on his home turf, when the buyers descend upon Costa Mesa, California. Darrell buys a unit for $500 containing lots of boxes and containers and encounters some expensive action figure. Ivy Calvin spends $400 and comes across a unique tool. Barry gets back in the produce business and purchases a unit for $800, while in a bidding war with Darrell, and finds some quality produce equipment that makes him money. Jarrod and Brandi do not buy a locker.
91 9 “Old Tricks, New Treats” Inglewood, CA May 14, 2013 2.37
The bidders look for bargains in Inglewood, California. A confident Barry rides in on his motorcycle and hopes to obtain a great unit. Jarrod and Brandi hope to trick the new buyers, they’re successful and buy a two lockers for the total cost of $1,900 and have some treats. Ivy spends $200 on a unit with a few pieces of furniture and finds a giant seashell. Herb and Mike spends $350 on a mandolin unit and encounter a musical instrument that they hope to hear the sound of profit from. Darrell and Brandon do not show up to this auction.
92 10 “The Shrining” El Monte, CA May 14, 2013 2.64
The buyers visit El Monte, California. The Harris Brothers go into stealth mode and go home empty handed. Jarrod and Brandi feel charitable with their $230 locker they purchased, and do a good deed. Darrell hopes a big pole in his $150 unit will vault him to the top. Barry buys a $45 locker with lots of bags, and finds something that he could make money off of.
93 11 “Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?” Riverside, CA May 28, 2013 2.60
The buyers are in Burbank, California. A pair of new bidders named Rene and Casey beat Jarrod and Brandi to a packed locker that they really want, therefore they go home empty handed. Barry obtains a unit with a trunk for $1,500 and goes crazy when he buys it, and finds a trunk – and it gives him a reason to visit his cobbler. Herb and Mike walk away with Burbank auction both another auction in Riverside, purchase a unit for $575 in Riverside and meets a jerk…but will they end up crushing the competition? Meanwhile, Darrell and Brandon didn’t go to either auction.
94 12 “Barry’s Angels” Torrance, CA May 28, 2013 2.67
The buyers arrive in Torrance, California ready to bid. Barry and his Angels purchase a unit with for $1,125 thinking by the appearance of it – it is mystery looking because of the containers and boxes in it, he is visited by wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Rene and Casey score a statue that could be worth thousands of dollars with their $725 unit. Darrell buys a locker with lots of containers and other miscellaneous items for $2,300 and finds some cat related items and hopes to get some cash. Jarrod and Brandi end up getting nothing.
95 13 “The French Job” Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Jun 4, 2013 2.59
The buyers attend an auction Rancho Santa Margarita, California; which has 5 units for sale. Barry brings along a french ally, he gets disqualified from the auction from touching something inside the unit. So Barry’s French ally does the bidding for him and makes a safe bet and obtains a unit with a safe for $600, and only a safe. Jarrod and Brandi buy a unit for $650 with an array of mystery to it, and encounter some yo-yo’s that could be worth lots. The Harris Brothers buy a unit for $170 that has very few items in it and hopes to turn their items into money, literally. Ivy Calvin gets a speeding ticket, but no units. Darrell and Brandon are not anywhere to be seen.
96 14 “That’s My Jerry!” Compton, CA Jun 4, 2013 2.68
Lots of buyers come flying into Compton, California for the auction. Everyone hopes to obtain a good quality unit, and the auction heats up and the battles start immediately. Barry reunites with his friend Kenny and buys a unit for $825 and have some good times. Mike and Herb buy a locker for $101 containing some mystery tubs, and the manage to pull some money out of their unit. Jarrod gets a new nickname and obtains a unit for $850 with some furniture and does well. Ivy Calvin bids up the other buyers, and forgets to purchase a unit. Darrell and Brandon did not attend the auction.
97 15 “This Lamp’s For You” Orange, CA Jun 11, 2013 2.52
Everyone is out on the hunt for money-making units while visit Orange, California. Barry brings along a butler and buys a $250 unit and finds nothing special, but instead something completely out of the ordinary. Darrell sets a record for the most money spent on a unit in the show’s history, when he purchases a $13,500 unit with large amount of Hollywood and sports memorabilia and makes a massive profit. Jarrod and Brandi score a vintage lamp in their unit in their $50 unit.
98 16 “There’s No Place Like Homeland” Homeland, CA Jun 11, 2013 2.83
The auction is held in Homeland, California. Jarrod and Brandi spend $1,000 on a unit with some common household items. Casey and Rene spend $700 on a little mystery unit and obtain a Wizard of Oz chess set which could earn them big bucks. Barry purchases a $2,900 locker on a bunch of miscellaneous items and hopes to break even. The Harris Brothers hope to obtain a very valuable object in a unit, if they get one. Darrell and Brandon did not attend this auction that was held.
99 17 “Total Wine Domination” Mission Viejo, CA Jun 18, 2013 2.32
The bidders peruse lockers in Mission Viejo, California. Jarrod and Brandi uncover an unusual piece of art in their $1,900 locker. Rene and Casey buy a $1,050 unit with some furniture and locate some vintage Wine bottles. Barry’s accountant tries to keep him in check by not overspending, he buys an $1,150 unit with antiques and finds something out of the ordinary.
100 18 “The Storage Buyer in You” Lancaster, CA Jun 18, 2013 2.72
The bidders revisit Lancaster, California. Darrell battles Ivy on his turf. Ivy Calvin buys 4 lockers for the total cost of $1,460 and makes a decent amount of money. Barry purchases a unit for $3,350 containing lots of good quality furniture and unexpectedly encounters some bowls that make an unusual sound, which he hopes bring him the sound of profit. Jarrod and Brandi buy a unit for $2,400 with a lot of boxes and containers and find some DJ equipment. Darrell spends time teaching Ivy a lesson on his home turf, but doesn’t obtain a unit.
101 19 “Fear and Loathing in Placentia” Placentia, CA Jun 25, 2013 2.55
The bargain hunters travel to the city of Placentia, California. Jarrod and Brandi buy a $300 unit and their purchase tips the scales in their favor towards profit. Rene and Casey buy a load of luggage for $350 and do surprisingly well. Barry buys a unit full and packed with boxes for $1,000 and won a bidding war against Rene and finds out there is nothing special in any of the boxes. Darrell scores what he thinks is dental equipment in his $575 locker, but later finds out it’s something different.
102 20 “Barry Doubtfire” Stanton, CA Jun 25, 2013 2.82
The buyers visit Stanton, California looking for bargains. Barry has an elaborate scheme to goes under cover dressed up as an old lady, and earns himself a $950 unit filled with office furniture and other items and hopes to not lose money. Darrell is banned from an auction on one particular unit, but the unit doesn’t get sold to anyone anyway because nobody liked it and nobody was bidding. Ivy Calvin lands a snow cone machine in his $100 unit. Jarrod and Brandi, as well as Darrell go home with nothing for the day.
103 21 “Battle of the Brows” Moreno Valley, CA Jul 2, 2013 2.68
The buyers head to Moreno Valley, California where the bidding strategies and techniques erupt between Darrell and Rene. Barry buys a unit full of boxes for $300 while being bid up by Darrell and finds some old super hero buttons that he is uncertain of the profit of them. Rene and Casey purchase a unit with furniture for $450 and locate Indian instruments and hope to hear the sound of profit. Jarrod and Brandi obtain a unit for $950 containing a device having to do with Rolex watches. Darrell tries to play nice, but goes home without a unit.
104 22 “Super Bros. Shuffle” Costa Mesa, CA Jul 2, 2013 2.80
The bidders head to Costa Mesa, California where the buyers bid on some of the biggest and best rooms. Darrell and Brandon purchases a unit for $950 which he thinks is “money making” and does great, and does better once he finds some Mario memorabilia. However, Darrell be a rockstar. Brandi and Jarrod buy a unit for $2,300 with some furniture and collectibles and barely break even with their purchase. Barry spends $2,450 on a locker filled with antique furniture and finds a shuffle board. Barry later bets on his own profit when he gets his shuffleboard game board appraised, and wins against himself. Ivy Calvin didn’t have enough cash with him to buy the units at the auction.

This was the last episode to use 2008 – 2013 A&E Network tagline,”Real Life.Drama”.

Although revealed at the end of the episode, the totals are not always reflective and exact of the value of items in the lockers. In many cases, the values of items are estimates made on the spot by the cast members, and are not necessarily actual profits or losses. Some of the episodes were not aired in the order that they were filmed. Therefore, the * column in each season’s episode list indicates the sequential order of that episode.

Title Jarrod Shultz/
Brandi Passante
Darrell Sheets/
Brandon Sheets
Barry Weiss
Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss
 “Auctioning for Dummies N/A  N/A $1,800  $1,995 $1,700  $8,300
 “Breathalyze This $1,600  $160 N/A  N/A $1,225  $1,363
 “All’s Well That Urns Well $275  $1,325 N/A  N/A $150  $221
 “The PA Stays in the Picture $1,000  –$230 N/A  N/A $600  $50
 “A Time to Kiln $2,400  $1,065 $750  $1,100 $925  $2,275
 “Like a Kung Pao Cowboy $11,450  $14,450 N/A  N/A $2,200  $4,316
 “Oysters on the Half Plate $1,900  $5,955 $250  $455 $750  –$90
 “The Monster Hash N/A  N/A $500  $815 $800  $1,190
 “Old Tricks, New Treats $1,900  $2,600 N/A  N/A N/A  N/A
 “The Shrining $230  $97 $150  $1,810 $45  $705
 “Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again? N/A  N/A N/A  N/A $1,500  –$443
 “Barry’s Angels N/A  N/A $2,300  $320 $1,125  –$105
 “The French Job $650  $1,750 N/A  N/A $600  –$600
 “That’s My Jerry! $850  $1,110 N/A  N/A $825  –$160
 “This Lamp’s for You $50  $1,965 $13,500  $26,775 $250  $4,905
 “There’s No Place Like Homeland $1,000  $608 N/A  N/A $2,900  –$650
 “Total Wine Domination $1,900  $5,725 N/A  N/A $1,150  $300
 “The Storage Buyer in You $2,400  $2,880 N/A  N/A $3,350  $1,955
 “Fear and Loathing in Placentia $300  $590 $575  $1,525 $1,000  –$900
 “Barry Doubtfire N/A  N/A N/A  N/A $950  –$695
 “Battle of the Brows $950  $2,854 N/A  N/A $300  $3,802
 “Super Bros. Shuffle $2,300  $210 $950  $2,095 $2,450  –$1,070
Totals: $31,155.00  $43,114.00 $20,775.00  $36,890.00 $24,795.00  $24,669.00

There were many Frequent buyers on Storage Wars in Season 4 episodes. Here is a chart for their results. Key: – didn’t appear in episode.

 Title Ivy Calvin Rene Nezhoda &
Casey Lloyd
Herb Brown &
Mike Karlinger
The Harris Brothers
(Mark & Matt)
Nabila Haniss Mark Balelo
Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss Spent profit/loss
 “Auctioning for Dummies  “-  “-  “-  “- $675  –$50 $2,200 N/A
 “Breathalyze This  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “All’s Well That Urns Well $250  $530  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “The PA Stays in the Picture  “-  “-  “-  “-  “- $2,700  –$1,150
 “A Time to Kiln  “-  “-  “-  “- N/A  N/A  “-
 “Like a Kung Pao Cowboy  “-  “-  “-  “-  “- $400  $1,560
 “Oysters on the Half Plate  “-  “-  “- N/A  N/A  “-  “-
 “The Monster Hash $400  $1,485  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “Old Tricks, New Treats $200  $271  “- $350  $2,650  “-  “-  “-
 “The Shrining  “-  “-  “- N/A  N/A  “-  “-
 “Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?  “- $4,000  $910 $575  $1,125  “-  “-  “-
 “Barry’s Angels  “- $725  $775  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “The French Job N/A  –$300  “-  “- $170  “$0  “-  “-
 “That’s My Jerry! N/A  N/A  “- $101  $429  “-  “-  “-
 “This Lamp’s for You  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “There’s No Place Like Homeland  “- $700  $3,685  “- N/A  N/A  “-  “-
 “Total Wine Domination  “- $1,050  $1,150  “- N/A  N/A  “-  “-
 “The Storage Buyer in You $1,460  $490  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “Fear and Loathing in Placentia  “- $350  $1,210  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “Barry Doubtfire $100  $1,815  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “Battle of the Brows  “- $450  $1,260  “-  “-  “-  “-
 “Super Bros. Shuffle N/A  N/A  “-  “-  “-  “-  “-
Totals: $2,410.00  $4,291.00 $7,275.00  $8,990.00 $1,026.00  $4,204.00 $170.00  $0.00 675.00 -$50.00 $5,300.00  $410.00

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