Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport TPE China Baggage Auctions

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Baggage Auctions
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan Taoyuan Cityhad 35,804,465 Enplanements in 2014.  Taiwan Taoyuan Airport is an international airport serving the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, and the northern parts of the island. Located about 40 km west of Taipei in Dayuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, the airport is Taiwan’s largest airport. It is one of five Taiwanese airports with regular international flights, and is by far the busiest international air entry point amongst them. It is the main international hub for China Airlines and EVA Air. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the 11th busiest airport worldwide in terms of international passengers number and 5th busiest in terms of international freight traffic.

TPE Airport baggage auctions resources and news for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taipei Airport (Songshan airport) Baggage Auctions – Unclaimed items left by passengers at Taipei International Airport (Songshan airport) are put up for auction every year. Please check the news here for any reports of upcoming auctions.

Previous auction were conducted by the Aviation Police Office (APO). These are live auctions, with individuals in the crowd competing the highest bids. This annual auction is organized by the APO’s Taipei branch who holds the Taipei International Airport Auction to sell items accumulated by the airport’s lost-and-found depot.

Some items are left behind or confiscated are; high-priced bottles of foreign alcohol, top-brand diamond-studded watches and other jewelry. APO officials collect around 1,000 items each month from lost and found alone. Please check the news here regularly or contact: Aviation Police Office – Taiwan Government.

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