Los Angeles International Airport LAX Los Angeles California Baggage Auctions

Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles California had 32,427,115 Enplanements in 2014.  Los Angeles Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, the second-most populated metropolitan area in the United States. It is most often referred to by its IATA airport code LAX, with the letters pronounced individually. LAX is located in southwestern Los Angeles along the Pacific coast in the neighborhood of Westchester, 16 miles (26 km) from Downtown Los Angeles. It is owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports, an agency of the Los Angeles city government formerly known as the Department of Airports.

LAX Airport baggage auctions and news for Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles Airport Baggage Auction (LAX) – The LAX baggage auction is one of the largest baggage auctions in the United States. The luggage auctions are held once a year and include luggage from not only Los Angeles International airport, but also luggage found at other area airports and lost and found items left inside local airports.

In order to bid on these baggage auctions you must register as a business at: www.labavn.org they are not open the public. Registration is the Cit Of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network. The LABAVN lists all of the contracts up for bidding to business vendors. These auctions range from electric tape, to office supplies, building materials, vehicles, body armor and everything from A to Z required by various government agencies including Los Angeles World Airports.

Los Angeles World Airports includes Los Angeles International Airport in the city of Los Angeles, LA/Ontario International Airport in the city of Ontario, California and Van Nuys Airport in the Van Nuys district in the city of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. The three airports are secured by 1100 law enforcement officers, one to the largest police forces in California.

Los Angeles Vehicle Impound Auctions – Vehicles impounded at Los Angeles World Airports for illegal parking are held near the airport police station located just outside the airport on Alverstone Avenue.

The auctions are held on announced Saturdays, with preview from 8am to 10am and the auction beginning at 10am. Winning bidders can take the vehicles the day of the auction or the next day, Sunday, from 8am to 2pm.
More information on Los Angeles police auctions for owners’ vehicles impounded, owing towing and storage fees but didn’t pay them. Auction locations are listed for each tow company. Official Police Garages Auctions

Los Angeles Police Auctions – Los Angeles Police Department handles billions of dollars of merchandise. Anything found, seized or kept as evidence in a criminal investigation is legally required to be destroyed or sold at auction upon case completion. Property Room auctions 850,000 items from the LAPD to the general public every year.
This is the largest police auction in the country, run by PropertyRoom.com The auctions typically include bicycles, radios, jewelry, and other valuable items that could not be returned to the owner or were seized as evidence in police investigations. PropertyRoom.com

Los Angeles Airport TSA Seized Items Auctions – The California Department of General Services auctions off seized goods confiscated at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and Sacramento International Airport (SMF). The items seized by TSA are auctioned off along with government property no longer being used.
Up for auction are knives, box cutters and other potential weapons such as scissors, belt buckles, bottle and can openers, leatherman tools, along with thousands of snow globes likely purchased as souvenirs by families on vacation, that exceed the amount of liquid TSA permits passengers to carry aboard flights. Some auctions are for box lots and some are pallet lots.
Other items up for auction in large quantities are jewelry, cellular phones, video game systems, video games, camcorders, digital cameras, laptops, flat screen monitors, modems, routers, desk top computers, desks, chairs, shelves and more.