Glasgow, Scotland Airport GLA Glasgow Scotland Baggage Auctions

Glasgow, Scotland Airport and Baggage Auctions News
Glasgow, Scotland Airport in Glasgow Scotland had 7,715,988 Enplanements in 2014.

GLA Airport baggage auctions and news for Glasgow, Scotland Airport
Baggage Auctions in Glasgow Scotland (GLA) – Lost or unclaimed baggage at the Glasgow, Scotland International Airport is auctioned off by the British Airports Authority (BAA). The Glasgow Airport serves 30 airlines and 7 million passengers per year, 20,000 passengers every day, average. Glasgow Airport’s lost property office, operated by Airport Management Services (UK) Ltd, is located in the domestic arrivals hall on the ground floor. Revenue earned from the lost and unclaimed items auction is given to charity.

An administrative fee of £5.00 per item reclaimed is charged after one hour, items are held for three months before auctioned off. In addition, items that are forbidden and seized will be placed up for auction. The list of forbidden items going to auction may include: Sharp items: This includes knives (with blades over 6cm), razor blades, box cutters, scissors (with blades over 6cm from fulcrim), axes, hatchets, cleavers, ice axes, ice picks, swords, sabres and sharp or pointed martial arts equipment. Projectile-firing weapons: These include firearms, toy guns, replica/imitation guns, firearm parts (except telescopic sights), airguns, pellet guns, BB guns, flare guns, starting pistols, bows or crossbows, arrows, harpoon guns, spear guns, slingshots and catapults. Stunning devices and incapacitating devices: Including stun guns, Tasers, animal killers, incapacitating chemicals, gases or sprays (eg Mace), pepper sprays, tear gas and animal repellent sprays. Tools: This includes crowbars, drills and drill bits, saws, blowtorches, bolt guns, nail guns, or any tool with a blade or shaft over 6cm (eg screwdrivers or chisels). Blunt instruments: This includes baseball/softball bats, clubs, batons, night sticks and martial arts equipment.

Glasgow International Airport Auctions – In The News
The Glasgow International Airport unclaimed property and lost luggage auction made international news when the Duchess of Argyll left a piece of luggage at the airport, the airport didn’t try to contact her, then auctioned off the bag containing £100,000 in family heirloom jewels. The winning bidder paid only £5,000 the lost bag, which included a a diamond tiara. The Duchess wouldn’t have retrieved her lost jewelry, except that by luck she found her lost items in a catalog of Scottish auction house Lyon & Turnbull.

Central Car Auctions – Glasgow, Scotland
Near the Glasgow airport is Central Car Auctions, the largest heated indoor car auction house in Scotland just off the M8 at Junction 8 & 9 near Glasgow. The auction house sells off over 1400 cars every week, hundreds of vehicles every week, many are sold for under £3000. Auction times are: Monday 12 noon – 6pm, Wednesday 11am – 8pm and Friday 12 noon – 6pm

Scotland Police Auctions
Wilson Auctions auctions off lost and found items for Lothian and Borders Police. Lothian and Borders Police. is the territorial police force for the Scottish council areas of the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, Scottish Borders and West Lothian. The force’s headquarters are in Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh. The auctions for Scotland are held in Dalry.

They also auction off lost and found times for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Strathclyde Police four times a year. The Strathclyde Police has law enforcement authority in Argyll and Bute, City of Glasgow, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.

Auctioned items include: Jewelry, Watches, Cameras, Gift Vouchers, Computer Equipment, Gardening Equipment, Hand and Power Tools, Lawnmowers, Ladders, TV’s, Video Recorders, DVD Players, Toys, New and Second Hand Clothing, Toiletries, hundreds of bikes including new, nearlly new and high spec models, Mountain Bikes, Kid’s Bikes, Scooters, Bikes for Spare Parts.