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Raleigh- Durham International Airport (RDU) Baggage Auction

Raleigh-Durham International Airport auction items include lost and found, unclaimed baggage and airport surplus.

Past auctions included jewelry, cameras, gifts, luggage, cell phones, computers, toys, clothing and more. Also auctioned off are surplus vehicles and unclaimed vehicles.

Auctions are handled by Raleigh Auction and Estate Sales.
North Carolina State Surplus Auctions

The state of North Carolina holds state surplus auctions for seized, lost and found and unclaimed items as well. The state uses an over-complicated process of sealed bids for their auction, a process that is rare and old school for state auctions.

The state posts photographs and very brief descriptions for each item, along with the bid closing date, with hundreds of items featured for each bid deadline. Some items are sold in bulk lot auctions. Items in these auctions come from office, schools, universities,  highway department, hospitals, law enforcement, parks and recreation, maintenance, cafeterias as well as many items seized or unclaimed from private citizens.
Payments are also old school, with only cashier's check, certified check or money order accepted and shipping of winning bid items is not done, unless it's specified in the auction description. Beginning in 2012, all winning bidders have 10 days to pick up their awarded property.

Past auction wins include:
Lot of 800 wooden pallets, $1,227.81, lot of 70 stackable chairs, $200.00,

Lot of 3 complete computer systems, $35.99,

Lot of 11 computer systems, $363,00,

Lot of 11 various laptops, $400.00, StarTrac Tr 4500 Treadmill, $5.55,

Lot of 280 - Panasonic AJ-P126 LPMC DVDPRO Digital Video Cassette Tapes, Condition: NEW IN BOX , $1638.75, AB Dick #360 Printing Press, $77.77,

Lot of  3 Armoire Dressers, 1 Piano, 3 Wooden Risers, 2 Wooden Cabinets, 1 Desk, $101.01,

Lot of 4 Refrigerators, $157.00,

Lot of 20 Fire Extinguishers, $77.00,

Lot of 20 Metal Shelves, 2 Coolers, 1 Coffee Pot, 1 Camro Box, 1 Toaster, $77.00, 2004 Ford Taurus, $688.03.

North Carolina Online Auctions

Other items are auctioned off for North Carolina agencies at Gov Deals - Auctions include surplus property, lost and found items and seized property being offered by various cities, towns and law enforcement agencies.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina - usually has dozens of items up for auction,  as does Jacksonville, North Carolina -
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