Baggage Auctions In Miami, Florida For MIA  Airport
Miami International Airport Baggage Auction

Miami International Airport

The near bankrupt Goodwill Industries of South Florida has taken over unclaimed baggage auctions from the Miami International Airport.  Miami International Airport will no longer offer baggage auctions to the public.  Miami International Airport sold luggage at public auctions after it went unclaimed for 90 days, they decided the process had become excessively time-consuming and expensive.

In 2013 Miami International Airport signed a contract with Goodwill Industries of South Florida so the unopened suitcases in bulk are sold in the two South Florida Superstores. 

So until the contract ends in 2016, there are no baggage auctions at the Miami International Airport.

To buy baggage items from the Miami International Airport use the online auction from Goodwill in South Florida

Some auctions are also held by the Florida Department of Financial Services.  To see if they have any current auctions visit the Unclaimed Property in Florida website at
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