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Kansas City, Missouri Unclaimed Freight Auctions

Kansas City, Missouri a huge hub for transportation companies in the U.S. Frequently, freight goes unclaimed and despite all efforts by the transportation carrier or moving van lines and storage trucking companies, packages and freight end up at auctions

The same is true for package delivery companies such as UPS, Fedex, Airborne Express and other package delivery companies. In addition, when an insurance claim is made for damaged goods, the damaged merchandise is sold as salvage.

For damaged merchandise, it could be as simple as an item scratched when the packaging was damaged or as extensive as a crushed part of the item casing and everything in between. Many companies took a loss on the shipping cost of a large item and have a policy of not returning the product to the shipper; which would double their shipping costs.
If the item is not claimed the buyer, the freight company ends up with the item. Such is also the case with many types of packages shipped via the United States Postal Service. Those USPS auctions are here.  As far as salvaged goods go, some great deals are to be had in the unclaimed freight auctions.

The auctions in Kansas City are held by J & J auctions. J & J holds auctions for estate sales, business liquidation, unclaimed freight, damaged freight, company closures and renovations, farm auctions, land auctions among others.

The J & J Auctions website lists their calendars months in advance, with many photographs of the inventory available, auction location and hours. For the unclaimed freight auctions many large items and large lots are available, it's advised to bring a truck and being ready to take possession of your winning bids.
Missouri State surplus is auctioned off on the Gov Deals website, in the Missouri State Government area of the website.

Auctions include vehicles, office furniture, business electronics such as computer equipment, cameras and other office machines such as copiers, printers, warehouse equipment, building maintenance equipment, yard maintenance equipment.

Also at auction are clothing, uniforms lost and found gold, silver and costume jewelry, tools and more. Jewelry is sold in lots by type such as rings, earrings, bracelets,  watches, necklaces and are sold in lots of dozens or as man as a hundred items in each lot.
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