Baggage Auctions In Denver, Colorado For DEN Airport
Denver International Airport Baggage Auction

Auctions for lost/abandoned miscellaneous personal property to include, but not limited to, luggage and its contents, clothing, electronics, jewelry and more,  where the item or items may have been lost at Denver International Airport, Theatres and Arenas in Denver.

Auctions and bids for the sale of government surplus and confiscated property are presented throughout the year by the City and County of Denver. 
Denver Abandoned & Confiscated Vehicles

The City and County of Denver auctions abandoned & confiscated vehicles every other Wednesday—rain, shine or blizzard. Typically there are 100-200 vehicles auctioned off. Inspection is at 9am the day of the auction, auction begins at 9:30am.

Auction Location:
Denver Sheriff Vehicle Impound Facility,
5226 Brighton Blvd
Denver, Colorado  80216
Denver Recovered Bicycle Auction

These are auctions for bikes that have been recovered, previously stolen, owners not located. There are usually more than a 100 bicycles at this auction. Inspection begins at 9am, auction starts at 10am.

Auction Location:
1930 35th Street
Denver, CO 80216 
Denver Surplus Warehouse Auction

Miscellaneous City surplus property, lost & found property including airport lost & found and unclaimed/lost/stolen baggage, packages and property that was previously sent to the police department pending owners reclaiming the items.

These auction items are what is left after the city donates needed items to charities requesting donations. In May of 1999, City and County of Denver voters approved a Referred Charter Amendment to allow for donations of City surplus items to "any charitable or nonprofit organization, School District No. 1 or other governmental jurisdiction "

Auctions for lost & found jewelry may be auctioned at different times from these auctions.

Auction Location:
671 S. Jason St.,
Denver, CO 80223
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